6 Tax Facts Home Sellers Should Know

Too early to think about taxes?  If you're selling your home, remember that sales that close before 12/31 will effect taxes due April 15th.  Here's a few tax reminders from the California Association of Realtors® that you should discuss with your tax professional:

1.  If you've owned and lived in your home for 2 of the past 5 years prior to selling it, you can generally exclude up to $250,000 of the gain from your income ($500,000 on a joint return, in most cases).

2.  You are not eligible for this exclusion if you sold another principal residence within the past two years and excluded the allowable gain from your income.

3.  If you can exclude ALL  of the gain from the sale of your primary residence, you don't need to report the sale on your tax return.

4.  If you have a gain on your principal residence that exceeds the allowable deduction, it is taxable.

5.  You can't deduct a loss from the sale of your primary residence.

6.  Special rules may apply when you sell a home for which you've received the first-time home buyer credit. (See IRS publication 523, "Selling Your Home," for details)

When selling or buying a home, individuals should contact a tax professional for details about their specific situation.

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